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Experience Paradise in Greece at Amanzoe

Experience Paradise in Greece at Amanzoe

The first thing I think of when I hear the word Greece is Alexander the Great and how he stopped at nothing to conquer the world. His palace was spectacular and the definition luxury during his time. It’s seems that the builders of the Amanzoe resort followed in his foot steps.

The Amanzoe resort is only a couple hour drive from Athens making it easily accessible for locals and tourists who can afford to stay.

Immaculate Architecture

According to ancient myth and legend this is where the Gods walked. When you first walk through the Amanzoe you can that just might be true. After traveling all over the world this might be one of the most impressive an made structures I have ever seen. The pavilions and villas are built with a modern luxury look crossed with memories of ancient times that feel open and airing but private at the same time. These are not your normal size resort rooms, they are more like full size home with some of them host 4 bedrooms. One unique part of the living room was that it did not have any television is specifically designed to encourage family to socialize together inside mindlessly watching television.

The Views

You will be treated to some of the most beautiful panoramic views in the world looking over ancient olive groves countryside.

The Beach Club

The ocean water here is the definition of peace and serenity. It has the appearance of glissing shiny turquoise diamonds. The Amanzoe beach club has multiple luxury privacy pools, plus games for the whole family.

So by now you have probably figured that a resort this expansive and luxurious has to have a huge price tag, and you are right. There are no room for under $1000 per night and the larger villas are much more. This is not surprising though due to the giant investment required to build such an amazing resort. If you can afford to stay here those prices probably don’t scare you. For the best deals available give Trip Advisor is probably your best option. Below you can also watch a very detailed video showing you all the intricate details of this amazing palace.