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Enjoy Natural Beauty an Isolation at The Brando

The Brando Resort

Owned and named after the world famous actor Marlon Brando and for his love of the remote island. The Brando, located on Tetiaroa, French Polynesia is one of the most beautiful remote islands that exists in the world and is still owned by the Brando family till this day.

Just a short flight from Tahiti, this exclusive resort is made up of only 35 villas that range between 1 to 3 bedrooms. The white sand beaches lead you down to what has to be the clearest ocean water in the world because of the lack of pollution. The staff on the island is very eco friendly doing everything they can to preserve it’s natural beauty.

There is paddle boarding and kayaking in the crystal clear lagoon, yoga, tennis and a full fitness center to keep you healthy and active. The Varua Spa offers a wide selection of full body massage therapies and facial treatments. The resort is designed for pure relaxation and isolation from the outside world.

paddle boarding

If you are the type of person that is looking for wild parties and crowed pool deck s they the Brando is not for you. It’s all about peace, tranquility, and luxury. As expected, the Brando resort is not cheap as it has played host to many celebs like Ellen, The Rock, and the Obama family. For a 3 bedroom suite you could pay up to 10K, but if you are the type of person thinking of staying here in the first place then you can probably afford that.

For a more full in depth review of the Brando, check out the Oyster and the video below also gives a great point of view experience from a couple you stayed on the island.